Picofun AB

"Picofun was one of those mobile companies that only lasted a couple of years. One of the most creative developer of the period, it was bought by Swedish mobile services provider Aspiro in 2002 for just over $1 million."
- PocketGamer

Developer: Picofun AB
Publisher: Various content providers
Platforms: WAP, GPRS, SMS
Release date: No longer active
Role: Game Designer

Picofun AB was my first foray into the games industry. I worked at the small Lund office, together with a group of very dedicated students. This is where I learnt most of the craft, to be perfectly honest, and where I decided that medical instruments could wait. Games was the thing.

We made multiple WAP, GPRS and SMS based games, among others Murder Mysteries, Cute ‘n’ Clever, On the Green, Regents of Ismay etc. My tasks included game design, concept design, user interface design and game writing. Also production on a small scale. The time spent at Picofun was vibrant, beautiful and intense. I’ve never had such hard restrictions to work with, and I’ve never been more productive. 90 x 40 pixel images for the WAP/ GPRS games, 60 characters texts for the SMS games, and at the same time – create something that’s fun. This was, hands down, one of the best companies I’ve ever worked for.