showcases the work of Åsa Roos, game designer, UX designer, producer and mercurial ”do-it-all”, in the best sense of the word.

Who am I?

I was born in -73 in Mariestad, located on the shores of lake Vänern, where I also grew up. As a child, I was never told what I could or could not do, which meant that I spent time learning how to handle a gun and playing with LEGOs and Barbies alike. I came into contact with computers and table-top roleplaying games fairly early in life, and they have been a constant ever since. From being something that was a past-time it became a passion.

I think my main fascination with games and rules come from telling stories and creating alternative worlds. I remember vividly my first jaw dropping in game experience and it had nothing to do with the mechanics of the game in question. I was running through Newland Desert, an area in Anarchy Online. The sun came up and music was playing and I literally just had to sit down and take it all in. It was wonderful. To make a world, and be able to share it with others.

In addition to that, I’ve always had a user friendly mindset, or at least that’s how I remember it. Sometimes I make things for me, but more common is for me to make games and experiences for the player. I think some of it comes from my industrial design education, but more likely it’s just my disposition. I like doing things for other people.

In addition to all of the above I’m also a feminist. I wasn’t always convinced we live in a society where women are treated differently than men, and where we don’t have the same opportunities, but four years of game development made me re-examine and re-evaluate. I am now an advocate for equality in the games industry. I’ve been doing quite a few talks about women in the industry, I’ve been a part of panels and been interviewed in radio and newspapers. Mostly I do this for free, because I think it’s very important to change the culture around games and the industry, in particular considering the rise of the GamerGate movement during 2014.

Awards and Honors

2017 – Gamer of the Year- Sverok
2017 – Best Writer – Fenix
2016 – Honorary Doctorate at Skövde Högskola
2016 – Best Writer – Fenix
2015 – The RPG Dragon – An award given by the Swedish forum
2015 – Engineer Hambly’s Machine – best article in the magazine Fenix

What people say about me

Åsa is a wonderful person and colleague. She brought her vivid imagination to our team and took our mobile games to a whole new level. She is a mobile gaming pioneer and a great storyteller who can create fantastic imaginary worlds for others to enjoy.
– Paul Blomdahl, Picofun AB

Åsa is a multi-talented, dedicated and very ambitious game designer with many years of experience from games. She is a sharp, creative and smart person with artistic talents and a great sense of humor!
– Jenny Hellström, Art Director UDS

Åsa är min bästa rekrytering EVER!!
(Åsa is my best recruitment EVER!!)

– Pernilla Knutsson Nissler, Terraplay

Working with Åsa gives me confidence that when I walk away from her desk or from a meeting, things are in safe hands. She is dedicated, thorough and understands her role as a Producer perfectly. It’s so easy to work with her and she has the ability to step away from things and see them from a different perspective. Thank you Åsa – you’re an inspiration!
– Susan Holman, QA Manager at Avalanche Studios

Kjare Åsa
Det har vart spennende å möte DEG her på Gerlesborgsskolan. Jeg liker din arbeidsform, din konsentrasjon og den måten du forvalter din innsikt på….. Lykke til med alt ditt!
(Dear Åsa. It’s been exciting to meet YOU at Gerlesborgsskolan. I like the way you work, your concentration and the way you manage your insights….. Good luck with all yours!)

– Ingunn Bratteli Moen

For more recommendations and information about my skills and specialities, please take a look at my LinkedIn profile or my CV.

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